Timeline & Roadmap

Genesis block:

Stable EGEM blockchain under 13 second average block time, web wallets, and basic explorer (Initial Launch).

Desktop Wallet Opal:

A alpha release wallet we can grow with to add the upcoming integrated subchain and will work on all platforms.

Quarry (Master) Nodes

This custom made masternode system was designed to be easy to use and expand on for the upcoming SFRX system upon its release.

Quarry (Master) Node setup script.

Setup script made by sehidcan to aid in the ease of getting a node up and running as fast as possible.

Sapphire Snapshot:

You can see your balance at time of snapshot (1530000) on the new explorer, just enter your address to confirm.


In a effort to protect our chain we chose to implement Pirlguard which was provided to us by our good friends at Pirl.io to strengthen our bond and trust with them and our community.

Quarry (Master) Node Fund:

At block 2,100,000 we enable the node fund to pay for the Quarrynode system going into a secure wallet, which is a multisig wallet located at...


Website & Quarrynode Site:

New website framework based on the quarrynode page that combines both and more into something expandable in future.

New Quarrynode Framework:

The quarrynode bot and management systems got a overhaul to be ready for SFRX including the ability to control all nodes from one account.

Explorer and Wallet enhancements:

Upgraded explorer, mobile wallets and Opal wallet beta release.

Sapphire (SFRX) Network:

Sapphire is an integrated sub-chain that interweaves the mainchain on EGEM and includes a DEX. It is dual-mineable with EGEM and companies can ICO on the multicurrency wallet and DEX - paying in EGEM, with proceeds enhancing the Quarrynode payments.

Product integration and growth:

Fiat to crypto conversion capabilities, ATM development and implementation, integration of both with DEX.