An ethereum network with a different view, including quarry nodes.

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We are currently in,
Block Height:
Est. Supply: EGEM
Blocktime: 13sec/avg
Block Reward: EGEM
Uncle Reward: EGEM
The block reward includes the founders reward.

Community & Founder Wallets:
0x45a25161f56868d8706b449f72ec3d2f838e57e8 - EGEM
0x63e9cefd428d37430205c0ab8fa2a34a21f911ac - EGEM
0x1140e31a4a7ae014e55f6c235af027c5cfabca17 - EGEM
0x2025ed239a8dec4de0034a252d5c5e385b73fcd0 - EGEM
0xe485aa04bb231f331b85bf64614737c6495cc4b3 - EGEM
All wallets are contracts and some require upto three(3) signers.

Friends & Affiliates: