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EGEM is a community supported project, which means its members are the backbone.  We offer a custom node reward system that pays dividends to node holders, and a robust discord community with a bot that helps management of daily tasks for node holders and members.

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We offer a large variety of features to ease the use of our products.

Contracts & Tokens

Use our network to create blockchain programs and tokenize anything you like. We are compatible with a large selection of ethereum contracts.

Declining Emmisions

Every 2.5m blocks a reduction is applied up to block 15m at that point the chain has a steady emission for the rest of its life to ensure continued mining. This can be viewed here

Mobile platform

We have a mobile wallet that will work with EGEM & SFRX. It's currently being built and in beta for android and possibly apple down the road.

Top Compatibility

We take the time and care to make sure things work on many platforms and systems,  so users can use our platform were ever they may go.


We pride ourselves on strong community values and support for our members in whatever way we can help.

Custom Code

Our code base has be modified to fit the needs of our community with future updates planned depending on what is decided.