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Fast & Light

EGEM is built with Go, Golang is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Stable & Tested

Built upon the reliable go-ethereum protocol for a rock solid base used by thousands of people.

Secure & Reliable

With years of testing from the base platform we are certain of the security for the application.

What is EGEM.

  • Information
  • Roadmap
  • Specs
  • The Team
  • Wallets
  • Tokens
  • Dapps
  • Markets
  • Tools

              Specifications of EGEM:

We use a custom reward scheme and difficulty adjustment.
Blocktime: 13sec Target
ChainID: 1987
Algo: ethash/daggerhashimoto
Difficulty: Aggressive adjustment per block.
Block Reward: 7 Eras of reduction (0-6), including founders reward.
Rewards: Info can be found in Eras section.

Replay Protection enabled from the start.
Our plans for EGEM can be found by looking thru the era sections.
Members behind the EGEM project.

Out of respect for a few people working with us some info is not shared.

Core DEVS:

- Maintains website and dev pool.
- Discord bot which is a mix of ruby and javascript.
- go-egem maintainer.

- OPAL Creator and maintainer.
- Sidechain creator and dev.

- Automation Ninja.
- Explorer and API master and maintainer.
- Handles

Community Managers & Admin:

- Lead Community Manager


- Lead Community Manager





Community Devs:

- Security Guru.




Honorable Mentions:

List of wallets for the egem network.

EtherGem OPAL Wallet: HERE

How to connect using metamask.

Select custom RPC and enter this address.
Download metamask HERE.

Official MEW
EGEM Webwallet

Support for following hardware wallets are planned.

Trezor is awaiting a firmware update so we are close.

Ðivision X
The next generation of communal validation for ongoing blockchain projects. A go-to reference point for investors to validate the integrity of investment decision, decreasing the risk of falling ill to fraudulent activities.
The aim of the Division is to raise awareness through scam identification, this data is then injected into an immutable ledger on-chain via a Solidity based smart contract.
The eco-system of the Division relies on its community but also the team to analyse and delegate chosen projects, which are that of suspects to malicious actions or that are unknown to the masses.

We are holding a dapp creation contest worth 10k EGEM, come in discord for more info.

First Place: 10,000 EGEM
Sec. Place: 5,000 EGEM
Third. Place 3,000 EGEM

Send applications to
List of markets were EGEM is avaliable.


Bitshares Network:
Setup Documents
Deposit/Withdrawal Request form.

Market Data Websites:

Quick Balance Check



For the sake of transparency we have listed the four addresses.

0x1140e31a4a7ae014e55f6c235af027c5cfabca17 EGEM:
0x63e9cefd428d37430205c0ab8fa2a34a21f911ac EGEM:
0x2025ed239a8dec4de0034a252d5c5e385b73fcd0 EGEM:
0xe485aa04bb231f331b85bf64614737c6495cc4b3 EGEM:

This is the Contract Address for our Bitshares assets.

0x5488f1d22a47fee54cf77a36caa899c9db28b513 EGEM:

Developer Tools:

Remix - Solidity IDE

Information on eras and the rewards.

  • Info
  • Era 0
  • Era 1
  • Era 2
  • Era 3
  • Era 4
  • Era 5
  • Era 6

              Inside each era section you will find a rough guideline on our goals and this will act as our roadmap.

The block rewards include a founders reward as we call it, this is to cover projects and advertisement, also promotion efforts and giveaways also day to day costs.

The perblock reward is split to the three core devs and the community manager account of EGEM to use at there discretion, the addresses can be found in the tools section.

Also the Eras have a name based on a astronomy reference.
Solstice: 5001 - 2,500,000

8 EGEM Block reward + 1 founders reward.

Estimated era emissions: 22,455,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:

1. Bring sidechain testnet online.
2. Develop and deploy bots and contracts.
3. Facilitate the creation of tokens and dapps.
4. Build community and gather talent.
5. Have a user input period to sense the direction we should take if ASIC's become a rampant problem.
6. Build our own custom block explorer and API endpoint.
7. OPAL desktop client application alpha out for testing and auditing.

All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.
Asterism: 2,500,001 - 5,000,000

4 EGEM Block reward + 0.75 founders reward.

Estimated era emissions: 11,875,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:

1. Alpha of our DEX client on bitshares network.
2. Partner with other coins and improve triforce bond.
5. Have a working beta of EGEM's exchange online.

All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.
Constellation: 5,000,001 - 7,500,000

2 EGEM Block reward + 0.5 founders reward.

Estimated era emissions: 6,250,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:


All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.
Gibbous: 7,500,001 - 10,000,000

1 EGEM Block reward + 0.25 founders reward.

Estimated era emissions: 3,125,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:


All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.
Eclipse: 10,000,001 - 12,500,000

0.5 EGEM Block reward + 0.1 founders reward.

Estimated era emissions: 1,500,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:


All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.
Equinox: 12,500,001 - 15,000,000

0.25 EGEM Block reward + 0.05 founders reward.

Estimated era emissions: 750,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:


All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.
Oblivion: 15,000,001+

0.125 EGEM Block reward + 0.025 founders reward.

Estimated emissions: 375,000 EGEM

Plans and goals for this era:


All plans or ideas in a era are subject to change and/or removal at anytime.

How To.

  • Deploy
  • Send
  • Receive

              Deploy a contract on the EGEM network.

Once OPAL is released, we will focus on adding contract deployment and interaction.
Send some EGEM to someone.

How to use to send:
How to use metamask to send:
How to use OPAL to send:
Get some EGEM from someone.

Super simple all you need to do is provide the person with the public key linked to your wallet file.

Command line instructions for building from source.

  • Help
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Win

              Build from source instructions based on the users system for EGEM, or download the binary from within each OS tab.
                Download binary from our github.

Using the linux install instructions works great to build from source.
Download binary from our github.

Building from source
Building EGEM (command line client)
Clone the repository to a directory of your choosing:

git clone
Install latest distribution of Go (v1.7) if you don't have it already:

See instructions

Building geth requires Go and C compilers to be installed:

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential golang
Finally, build the geth program using the following command.

cd go-egem
make all
You can now run build/bin/geth to start your node.

Download binary from our github.

Compiling egem with tools from chocolatey
The Chocolatey package manager provides an easy way to get the required build tools installed. If you don't have chocolatey yet, follow the instructions on to install it first.

Then open an Administrator command prompt and install the build tools we need:

C:\Windows\system32> choco install git
C:\Windows\system32> choco install golang
C:\Windows\system32> choco install mingw

Installing these packages will set up the Path environment variable. Open a new command prompt to get the new Path. The following steps don't need Administrator privileges.

Please ensure that the installed Go version is 1.7 (or any later version).

First we'll create and set up a Go workspace directory layout, then clone the source.

OBS If, during the commands below, you get the following message:

WARNING: The data being saved is truncated to 1024 characters.
Then that means that the setx command will fail, and proceeding will truncate the Path/GOPATH. If this happens, it's better to abort, and try to make some more room in Path before trying again.

C:\Users\xxx> set "GOPATH=%USERPROFILE%"
C:\Users\xxx> set "Path=%USERPROFILE%\bin;%Path%"
C:\Users\xxx> setx GOPATH "%GOPATH%"
C:\Users\xxx> setx Path "%Path%"
C:\Users\xxx> mkdir src\\TeamEGEM
C:\Users\xxx> git clone src\\TeamEGEM\go-egem
C:\Users\xxx> cd src\\TeamEGEM\go-egem
C:\Users\xxx> go get -u -v
Finally, the command to compile geth is:

C:\Users\xxx\src\\TeamEGEM\go-egem> go install -v ./cmd/...

Community First

Our goal is to always be about the community that supports us by making sure all issues are dealt with swiftly and promptly.

Growing Talent

We are always trying to aquire new talent to keep up with latest trends.

Devoted Members

As a whole we wouldn't be anything without the members that stuck with us from the start.

Looking for more? Come visit our discord and let us know what you want to see!