About Us

Community Info:

We are from all over the world and are comprised of developers, gamers , and tech nerds.

We are a community driven project, where that means all efforts are done by members of the community and all things created are retained by members of said community.

What is EtherGem? (EGEM)


Ethergem is a fully functional Proof-of-Work primary blockchain originally based on Ethereum. Ethergem was created as a community-based coin with no pre-mine or ICO. We used the tested and proven ethereum (ETH) core technologies as a base and have added our own masternode technology with other upcoming innovative developments due to be released.

- An Ethereum Based Blockchain.
- Voluntary Non-custodial Masternodes.
- Open Source & Community driven project.
- 11-13 Sec target, custom consensus.

What is Sapphire? (SFRX)


Egem has been building an expansion project to accommodate crypto user needs. To date this development effort has taken 3 years and progress is heating up. Our expansion project is called Sapphire and is an integrated subchain with DeX. This second PoW (blake2s) blockchain with a target 5 second block time observes the EGEM chain while conducting independent business on its own structure. Miners "solo" or "dual” mine SFRX with EGEM. Ethergem addresses share dual functionality with Sapphire and the other chains using a concept called "Cryptangle," or more commonly cryptographically entanglement. This is the ability to have funds from another blockchain cryptangled to the EGEM Sapphire blockchain. Available in the rebuilt Opal Mobile wallet, Sapphire funds from all chains can be transferred or traded on the True DEX. Since Sapphire has such a fast block time we loosely call this our '5 second BTC.' Early EGEM adopters received 2 times their EGEM holdings as a Sapphire airdrop taken at EGEM block 1,530,000 with balances available at launch on Sapphire chain. EGEM Node holders will get an additional SFRX airdrop proportional to their active node holdings and longevity at launch

- EtherGem Subchain & DeX.
- Long-term project
- 5 Sec target.
- Same address/pkey as EGEM to use SFRX.
- Multi-currency wallet.