Token & Network Bridge

Documents & Videos on how to use the bridges to other networks.

Token bridge is a modular multi-directional blockchain bridge to allow data and value transfer between any number of blockchains. This should enable users to specify a destination blockchain from their source chain, and send data to that blockchain for consumption on the destination chain.
This could be a token that is locked on ChainA and redeemed on ChainB, or an operation that is executed on a destination chain and initiated on the source chain.

There will be 2 transactions one will approve the transfer to be allowed then the actual transfer.
Make sure you have funds to pay for the gas.
This may result in something going wrong as a bridge transfer can take 2-10 minutes depending on the chain/network being sent to, so please wait till the page says transfer complete.

Instructions for bridge:
Easily connect/setup metamask using this website:
Pick the chain/network you want to send from in metamask, load the bridge page then hit the connect button and follow on screen prompts, then select destination network from list, then you select the token to transfer/bridge from the next drop down menu.
Pay close attention to metamask to sign the transactions that pop up.
To send back you just repeat the process on the chain/network sent to via metamask.

Small bridge quirks:
If you happen to try and send all of a token and it fails try sending slightly less in value as there is a rounding error sometimes.
If sending to another address make sure you have the address copied to somewhere else other than metamask as if you change networks or accounts it can screw with it if you select another account to copy an address then switch back.

What are the bridge fees:
They are displayed during the trade and are a set amount and are adjustable by admin. 

Why are there bridge fees:
Simply to keep the system online and running.

How long does it take:
Depending on the chain it can take 2-10 minutes to complete a transfer, don't forget to add the token address in metamask.

How do i see the pairs on RubySwap or PancakeSwap:
Manually add the contract addresses to see the pairs, since we are new. We have work to do to get listed/added officially.

How to get help:
If something goes wrong and the transfer fails after the 2 first transactions, you can reach out to a admin to have it fixed.

Requirements for a bridge transaction to be fixed:
You must provide the transaction id of the tx sent with fee paid, you may also be asked to send a transaction to verify you are the owner of said address prior to the refund/fixing of a bridge transaction.  Also note it can take up to 72 hours from reporting a failed bridge transaction to getting a reply or it fixed.